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About Our Newsletters

While conducting many in-services and presentations on the topic of feeding, we have become increasingly aware of the great interest individuals, family members, and clinicians have about good practices for feeding someone and/or providing them with a drink. Using good practices can reduce the risk of choking or aspiration, improve health, and increase mealtime enjoyment. Our monthly Newsletter is intended to disseminate the information and knowledge that we have gained through working in this area for many years.  This Newsletter is a practical discussion of eating and feeding rather than a clinical research forum. It attempts to explain how to support real world situations that occur at mealtimes.

Millions of people throughout the world (344,000 in the US alone) require total assistance for their nutritional needs. The art of feeding another person is often considered something that people instinctually understand. This concept stems from the majority of people having fed infants and it is assumed that this experience is adequate to qualify us to feed anyone. The concept that it is the same to feed a child or adult, as it is to feed a baby, is incorrect. Regardless of that, training for feeding is scant and often results in poor practices being used.

Each month we send out a Newsletter that will offer articles on subjects relating to eating and drinking. Additionally, we will provide hints and tips that will make mealtimes safer and/or more enjoyable for individuals who are dependent upon another person for their nutrition and hydration. The Newsletters emphasize safety, as we have emphasized in the design and recommended usage of our products.

The Newsletters are intended for a broad audience that includes individuals who are fed, their family members and caregivers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech language pathologists, other medical and health care professionals, educators, and assistive technology specialists.  For the most part, the information provided relating to eating and drinking that will be contained in the Newsletters applies equally to people being fed by another person or being aided by some form of assistive equipment. When there are differences, we will point them out in the Newsletters.  

We encourage interaction with our readers and hope that you will provide feedback on the topics covered, ask questions, and let us know what other areas that would be of interest to you. Also, please provide us with your hints and tips and any best practices that you would recommend. To contact us, click below:


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