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What the Mealtime Partner Dining Device Can Serve

This article will answer some questions about what food can be served in the Mealtime Partner. Many illustrations of the Partner actually serving food do not specifically define what is being served, but many people believe that it can only serve a limit number of foods. When people see the Partner at conferences and expos, the food being used to demonstrate the device’s abilities are, out of necessity, non-perishable or have a long shelf life once opened. This can impact people’s perception of it's capability to handle a diverse range of foods. The Partner can serve most normal table foods as long as they are cut into the appropriate sized pieces. Additionally, it can serve all texture-controlled diets ranging from pureed to minced, or chopped.

First, it will be illustrated how the Partner is able to serve pizza, and also show how important it is to cut the food into small enough pieces to facilitate all of the food being served. Also, it  will be illustrated how using different Bowl Covers effect serving pieces of food, like pizza. Although these illustrations show pizza being served, the same principle applies to all food that is cut up in preparation for serving. Food should be cut into pieces that are around 3/8 inch cubes.

Below left is a picture of a slice of pizza cut up and ready to be served. Note that the High Bowl Cover is installed on the bowl. As shown in the picture to the right, with the High Bowl Cover on the bowl, the spoon has scooped three bite-size pieces of pizza and a piece of loose pepperoni; a second scoop (not shown) picked up four pieces of the pizza. Each spoonful may differ in quantity and, as the bowl empties, a more consistent number of pieces are usually served for each bite. If you are having trouble with the spoon not retaining any pieces when it moves from under the Bowl Cover, either the pieces of food are too big, or there is too much food in the bowl. (The Mealtime Partners bowls are designed to serve one cup of food; the top part of the bowl is used for manipulating the food so that the appropriate amount of food will be loaded onto the spoon. One should avoid overfilling the bowls to consistently get a well-rounded spoonful of food.)

Pizza Pieces Ready to ServePizza Being Served Using High Bowl Cover  

Using the Medium Bowl Cover to serve pizza (as shown below left), the spoon scoops two pieces. (With the next scoop, it picked up three pieces. As can be seen, the Medium Bowl Cover is quite suitable serving pieces of cut-up food for those who prefer a smaller bite.) With the Low Bowl Cover installed on the Mealtime Partner Bowl (shown below, right), the spoon picks up a single piece of pizza. (However, with the Low Bowl Cover, it frequently does not pick up any pizza, which is why it is usually avoided for serving cut up pieces of food.)

Pizza Being Served Using a Medium Bowl CoverPizza Being Served Using a Low Bowl Cover  

The following illustrates why three different Bowl Covers are provided with each Mealtime Partner Bowl: Low, Medium and High. The pictures below show how many M&Ms are served using each cover. The three Bowl Covers allow each user to have the size of bite that is appropriate, or preferred, for them.

M&M Being Served Using a High Bowl CoverM&M's Being Served Using a Medium Bowl CoverM&M's Being Served Using a Low Bowl Cover    

Some people who have always been fed, find that the bites are small, even when using the High Bowl Cover. This is normally because, in a quest to feed the person as quickly as possible, primarily large bites of food have been provided to the eater. Some people are fed using a dessert spoon (or table spoon) to provide the food. The Partner serves small bites to be sure it is providing a safe volume of food at each bite. When using the Mealtime Partner, there is no need to rapidly consume food. It is never in a hurry to finish a meal.

The volume of food provided for each bite is especially important for those individuals who receive a texture-controlled diet. The following illustrations show that even with soft foods (like applesauce), the volume of food on the spoon is significantly different depending upon which Bowl Cover is being used.

Applesause Being Served Using a High Bowl CoverApplesause Being Served Using a Medium Bowl CoverApplesause Being Served Using a Low Bowl Cover    

The Mealtime Partner has been designed to accommodate diverse user needs and is able to accommodate a wide variety of foods and users bite size preferences. We hope that this information is helpful. Bon Appetite! 

This page last updated 11-06-17.