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Eating is such an important activity of daily living, everyone who cannot feed themselves because of disabilities, deserves the opportunity to do so through the use of assistive equipment.

Independent Eating has been achieved by many children and adults using the Mealtime Partner Dining Systems. The versatile mounting systems shown below, make independent eating possible for the majority of individuals who cannot feed themselves.

9990 The Mealtime Partner Dining Device Picture of the Partner
6900 The Mealtime Partner Dining Device System with Mounting Shafts Partner on 6-Inch Shaft
6950 The Mealtime Partner Dining Device System with Legs Partner on Table with 4-Inch Legs
7000 The Mealtime Partner Dining Device System with Support Arm
7150 The Mealtime Partner Evaluation System with all Mounting Systems MtP System with all mounting options


Mealtime Partners maintains a small inventory of Evaluation Dining Systems that are made available to organization whose clients or students are considering assistive technology to provide mealtime independence.

Sometimes it is helpful for individuals to try equipment before purchasing it, to see first if it is appropriate for them, and secondly, to make sure that the best system configuration is selected. Evaluation units are normally available for periods of up to one month from the original date of shipping. However, an extension to this time can be requested, and, as long as there is no waiting list for equipment, an extension can be granted. See "how to obtain an evaluation dining system" for more details.




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