Mealtime Partners, Inc.

Specializing in Assistive Dining and Drinking Equipment


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Product Categories:

All Mealtime Partners products are contained within the seven product categories shown below:

1) The Mealtime Partner and Mealtime Partner Dining Systems

Picture of the PartnerPartner on Table with 4-Inch LegsPartner on 6-Inch ShaftMealtime Partner on Support Arm

The Mealtime Partners Assistive Dining Device and four complete dining systems are available. Click on any picture above to go to the Mealtime Partner Product List.


2) Mealtime Partners Drinking Products

Hydration Backpack with Drinking Tube PositioningHospital Bed Hydration SystemFront Mounted Drinking System with 30-Inch Flex ArmDrink-Partner Insulated Tumbler

Because of the great importance of proper hydration, Mealtime Partners carries a complete line of drinking products, some of which were developed by, and are available only from Mealtime Partners, Inc.


3) Mealtime Partners Clamping Products

Table ClampHospital Bed Clamp - Model VC1Wheelchair Clamp

Because most of the Mealtime Partners products require precise, secure positioning, Mealtime Partners carries a line of clamping products for mounting our dining and drinking products and can also accommodate many other manufacturers products.


4) Mealtime Partner Dining System Parts and Accessories

Carrying CasePicture of SpoonMixed Bowl Covers

Extra Bowls, Spoons, Bowl Covers, Spare/Replacement Parts, a Carrying Case, Mounting Systems and many other products that can be used with the Mealtime Partner, are accessed from this link.

5) Mounting Systems for Adaptive Switches and Other Devices


6) Mounting Systems for Adaptive Switches and Other Devices for Slide-Track

Jelly Bean Switch Mounting SystemJelly Bean Switch Mounting SystemsFlex Arm Mounting System with 30-Inch Flex Arm for UniTrack

To be effectively operated, Adaptive Switches usually require precise, secure attachment to a fixed object like a table, wheelchair, or bedrail. Mealtime Partners offers a variety of mounting options for Adaptive Switches (or other user provided devices). Mealtime Partners Mounting Systems are provided in five different length of Flex Arm for mounting Adaptive Switches, or other user-provided devices, to wheelchairs. For attaching Adaptive Switch to the Flex Arm Mounting System, Mounting Plate Kits are available for the Micro Light Adaptive Switch, the Jelly Bean Adaptive Switch, and the Mini Cup or Specs Adaptive Switches.


7) Adaptive Switches to be Used by the Mealtime Partner Dining Systems

Microlight Adaptive SwitchJelly Bean Adaptivbe SwitchUltralight Switches

Although the Mealtime Partner can be operated fully automatically, for achieving the greatest degree of independence requires utilizing Adaptive Switches. Mealtime Partners stocks a variety of switches that can be used by almost anyone.

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